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Unusual Purses

Mary Frances: The Most Unusual Purses Ever Created!

unusual purses

Mary Frances Before Midnight Handbag

I just came across the Mary Frances cool purses and handbags!
Have you ever seen these?
They are the most unusual purses ever created!
I found them today, while doing my usual research for cool and unique products and I went crazy!!

As a girly lady who loves fun and unique stuff, I am always looking for cool, cute, fun and unique purses for sale.
You won’t believe what I found!

Mary Frances Before Midnight Handbag

*Yes, it is a pumpkin coach shaped handbag!

I absolutely LOVE unusual stuff and when I saw these extremely unique shaped purses from Mary Frances I almost had a heart attack!
I had to show them all to you ladies!!

Mary Frances purses and handbags are out of this world!!
She creates the most unusual purses in all shapes imaginable!
Animals or objects!
You gotta see them to understand what I’m talking about!

They are all hand-made and they come in all kinds of colors and shapes!
I am sure most of you are going to enjoy these crazy and unusual purses as much as I have!

I am very excited to show them to you today!
Every time I see a different handbag I let out a scream!
These are awesome!

Needless to say they will make an awesome gift idea to any woman who loves to collect purses!
Have fun!

Fun Unusual Old Typewriter Shaped Purse

unique purses

Typewriter Old School Handbag Bag

Mary Frances Just My Type Typewriter Old School Handbag Bag

We start our unusual purses selection with this amazing Mary Frances typewriter shaped purse!
How cool is it?
It is the first time I see this one…
I love all the details!
(And the sparky beads!)

Mary Frances Unique Yellow Cab Shaped Purse for Sale

The Most Unusual Purses in the World!

Unique Yellow Cab Shaped Purse

Unique Yellow Cab Shaped Purse

Mary Frances Taxi Clutch Top Handle Bag, Yellow

This is a very unusual handbag!

No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you…
It is a super cool, fun and very unusual yellow taxi shaped purse!
How fun is it??
It’s a cute cab!
The ‘roof’ opens so you can put your stuff inside!

I am speechless now!

It will fit your bare necessities such as a lipstick, cellphone, credit cards and money!
Isn’t it the perfect gift idea for someone who always takes cabs too?
I think it’s awesome!

Cool Melting Ice Cream Cones Handbag

Melting Ice Cream Cones Handbag

Mary Frances Cool Melting Ice Cream Cones Handbag

Mary Frances Melt Down Handbag

Love ice-cream?
Then this gorgeous, colorful and FUN melting ice-cream cones shaped handbag is for you! 🙂
Full of cool colorful beads all over!

It looks so delicious that you might find it hard to control yourself from licking your bag! 🙂

Mary Frances Wicked Black Apple Shoulder Bag

Wicked Black Apple Crystal Crystal Beaded Jeweled Handbag

Mary Frances Wicked Black Apple Crystal Crystal Beaded Jeweled Handbag

Mary Frances Wicked Black Apple Crystal Crystal Beaded Jeweled Handbag Shoulder Bag

Like apples? How about a wicked black apple?

If you are looking for the most unique purse on the planet, then this black apple shape purse is for you!

Mary Frances Hot Dog Handbag

The Most Unusual Purses and Handbags for Women!

Hot Dog Handbag

Mary Frances Hot Dog Handbag

Mary Frances “Relish It” Beaded Jeweled Hotdog Purse

Love hot dogs?
Then this is definitely your purse! 🙂

How cute, fun and amazing is this gorgeous and very sparkly hot dog shaped novelty purse?
Have you ever seen one before?
I bet you will be the only one carrying a hot dog wherever you are!!
I love the fun colors!
What a fun gift idea!

Mary Frances Strike A Chord Guitar Handbag

Awesome Guitar Shaped Purse!

Guitar Purse

Mary Frances Guitar Purse

Have you ever seen a guitar-shaped purse before like this one?
It is amazing!

Can you think of a more fun gift idea for a girly guitar player or rock concert fans than a cool guitar shape purse?
Isn’t it absolutely out of this world?
‘Far out’?

I love the beautiful caramel color and all the pretty designs!
It is definitely a one of a kind unique purse!

(Product Dimensions: 6.5 x 1.8 x 9.8 inches.)

Mary Frances Night Owl Shoulder Bag

What a Cool Owl Shaped Purse!

Cool Owl Shaped Purse

Cool Owl Shaped Purse

Mary Frances Accessories What A Hoot Shoulder Bag,Bronze Multi,one size

Hello owl lovers and night owls!

Are you looking for a unique owl purse?
You found it!
This Mary Frances night owl-shape purse is awesome!
Perfect owl gift idea for a woman!

This fun owl shaped purse is for you, of course!
How gorgeous and full of details is it?
Very impressive!
Definitely among the coolest animal shape unusual purses being sold!
I love her eyes!
Perfect purse for going out at night!

Awesome 3D Pineapple Shaped Handbag!

The Most Unusual Purses for Sale!

Pineapple Shaped Handbag

Pineapple Shaped Handbag

Mary Frances Pineapple Punch Handbag

How cool and very unique is this pineapple shaped purse?
I had never seen one before!
It’s a cute 3D pineapple shape novelty handbag!
What a beautiful gift idea for fruit lovers!
(Specially pineapple lovers, of course!)

(Product Dimensions: 5.5 x 2.5 x 9 inches)

It’s a Pumpkin Shaped Purse!

Pumpkin Shaped Purse

Fun Pumpkin Shaped Purse

Pumpkins anyone?
How fun is this bright orange pumpkin shape purse for sale?
It’s awesome!!
(Just don’t stay up later than midnight ladies… You never know what might happen…)

Mary Frances Gorgeous Beaded Horse Shape Face Evening Bag

The Most Unique Purses for Sale!

Beaded Horse Shape Face Evening Bag

Beaded Horse Shape Face Evening Bag

Mary Frances Thoroughbred Horse Equestrian Bag Beaded Purse Evening Handbag

Have you ever seen a horse face evening purse before?
Isn’t it unbelievable?
Look at all the details and the gorgeous colors!
I also love the flower accents at the bottom!

Gorgeous Christmas Tree Shaped Handbag!

Christmas Tree Shaped Handbag

Christmas Tree Shaped Handbag

Mary Frances Holiday in Bloom Handbag

Love the Christmas spirit and specially beautiful Christmas trees?
Then you are going to LOVE this gorgeous and very sparkly green Christmas tree shaped purse!
What a cool Christmas gift idea for your wife or girlfriend!

(Product Dimensions: 8 x 2 x 7 inches)

Cute Ladybug Shape Mary Frances Clutch

Unusual Purses in the Shape of Animals and Insects!

Cute Ladybug Shape Purse

Cute Ladybug Shape Handbag

Mary Frances Red Lady Bug Convertible Clutch Handbag

Are you a ladybug lover?
How about this fun and very unique cute ladybug shaped purse?
I bet you’ve never seen one before!
It’s very unique!

How’s that for a ‘lucky gift idea’ for someone?
I love all these unusual and very creative evening purses!
I wish I could collect them all!

(Clutch 5.5″ W x 2.5″ D x 7″ H.)

Mary Frances White Tiger Face Handbag

White Tiger Face Handbag

Gorgeous White Tiger Face Handbag

Mary Frances Siberia White Tiger Bag Handbag New

Love tigers?
Then you are going to LOVE this cute Mary Frances white tiger face shaped handbag for sale!
Isn’t it one of the most unique animal shape purses you’ve ever seen?
How’s that for a fun ‘wild animal lovers’ Christmas gift idea?

How about a Cute Grand Piano Shape Evening Purse?

Grand Piano Shaped Purse

Grand Piano Shaped Purse

Mary Frances Accessories Interlude Cross-Body,Multi,one size

Are you having fun with these unusual purses for sale ladies?
How about this cute and girly butterfly shape purse?
Isn’t it adorable?
What a cool gift idea for the girly girl in your family!
(I want one too!)

Very Cool Flip Flop Shaped Handbag for Sale!

Gorgeous Unusual Purses by Mary Frances!

Cool Flip Flop Shaped Handbag

Cool Flip Flop Shaped Handbag

Mary Frances Beachcomber Handbag

What a fun, colorful and ultra-creative and very unique Mary Frances purse!
It is a cool beach flip-flop shaped handbag!
It is a piece of art!
I have never seen one!
Highly detailed!

One of the most unusual purses around!
Full of fun colorful beads!
What a perfect creative gift to a girly beach lover! 🙂

Mary Frances Red LIPS SHAPE Purse!

Best Novelty Purses Ever!

red lip shaped handbag

Mary Frances Smacking Lips Evening Bag

Mary Frances Smack Evening Bag,Multi,One Size


Have you ever seen a red lips shape purse before?
Yes, red, smacking, sparkling beautiful lips!
Me neither!
How cool is that?

Beautiful and highly detailed!
How’s that for going out with the girls?
I guarantee it will be a huge hit!
It spells fun night out!

What a fun and very unique red lips handbag!

I am having so much fun finding these cool unusual novelty purses!
Each one is more fabulous than the next!

(Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 2 x 4.2 inches.)

Mary Frances Get On The Bus Handbag

Unique Bus Shaped Purse

Bus Shaped Handbag

Mary Frances Get On The Bus Handbag

Mary Frances Get On The Bus Novelty Beaded Jeweled Crystal Handbag Purse

How realistic is this very cool and extremely unusual bus shape novelty purse by Mary Frances?
It’s surreal!

This bus shaped handbag has got to be one of the most unusual purses yet!
It is so creative!
I love the beautiful colors!
Makes a very cool, ‘retro’ gift idea for a woman!
I cannot get enough of these creative handbags!
I want them all!!

(Product Dimensions: 10 x 5.5 x 4.2 inches; 1.5 pounds)

Mary Frances Cute Peace Out Handbag

Mary Frances Peace Out Handbag

Mary Frances Peace Out Handbag

Mary Frances Peace Out Handbag

What a cute and colorful hand-beaded peace sign purse!
Very ‘hip’!
One of my favorites!

(The only problem is that there is only this one left!)

Mary Frances Champagne on Ice Bucket Handbag!

Amazing Bucket of Ice with a Wine Bottle Novelty Handbag for Sale!

novelty purses

Bucket of Ice handbag

On Ice Mary Frances Handbag

What a fun and extremely unique Mary Frances purse!
Perfect gift for night life lovers!
(And Champagne drinkers!)

Hit the town with this amazing Champagne on Ice purse!
Will put a smile on your face everyday!
It looks very realistic!
I can almost hear and feel the ice slipping from the bucket!

This is by far one of the most unusual purses on this page!
It is a very realistic bucket full of ice with a wine bottle inside novelty handbag by Mary Frances!
Are you impressed yet?
I am!
What a cool New Year’s gift idea!
I love it!

(Handbag 9″W x 4.5″D x 5.5″H.)

*I hope you enjoyed my selections of fun and unusual shaped purses from this page and were able to select the most awesome and creative one for you! If you want to keep browsing through more, check these out too! 🙂

Coolest Creative Novelty Handbags!
(Here you will find more unique, fun and definitely creative novelty handbags for sale!)