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How to Look Young and Pretty in Your 40s

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Life after 40: How to look young and beautiful!

how to look young in your 40s

How to Look Cute in Your 40’s

Are you almost forty? I am….
Actually I am in my early 40’s now…

I am not going to pretend it’s easy for a woman to reach her forties…
It’s not.
At least for most of us it isn’t…
I think our biggest problem is that we are afraid we are going to look “old” and tired….
We are afraid people WILL think we look 40…
We feel guys around our age won’t look our way anymore, and things like that…

Barbie Fashionistas Raquelle Doll, Flower Print Dress with Red Bodice

Even though we won’t be as “youthful” looking as when we were on our twenties, we don’t have to look old…
We can look young and pretty at any age! 🙂

But how do we look young and pretty in our 40’s?

Are you pretty inside?

Real beauty always comes from within

pretty in your 40s

Looking Beautiful

Barbie Fashionistas Barbie Doll, Pink Skirt and “Be Yourself” Shirt

Looking young and pretty in your forties or at any age for that matter starts from the inside out… If you don’t feel pretty or if you are a bitter person, with a bad attitude towards life and people, you are not going to look pretty.
Keeping a positive attitude towards yourself and life in general is key to your external appearance.
Kindness goes a long way!
Be kind to strangers, be kind to friends, be kind to your family, smile a lot!
So, are you “pretty” inside?

How to Look Young and Pretty in Your 40s

Hair tip after 40: Do not chop it all off!

long curly black wig

Long Afro Kinky Curly Hair Synthetic Lace Front Wig

Wig Jet Black Long Afro Kinky Curly Hair Synthetic Lace Front Wig

For whatever reason, we women have a tendency to chop our hair off once we turn 40!
Why do we do that?
If you love having long hair, by all means keep it!
Just make sure you keep it healthy and shiny.
Trim your ends every three months.
Deep condition it every two weeks…
As we age our hair tends to be more dry and fragile.
I love short hair, so I will keep mine short, but not because I am over 40…

Layers and bangs look great!

Bangs make us look younger!

pretty hair tips

Pretty Hair Tips

Cute Layered Wig with Bangs

Add some layers and bangs to your hair cut.
Layers and bangs will make you look ten years younger or more……..
Avoid “straight” cuts or bobs.
These kinds of hairstyles make women look older.
So layer up!!!

Women don’t get older

We get blonder!

how to look younger at 40 hair tips

Add Highlights!

Pullip Dolls Tomoe Mami Doll, 12″

It’s true……… Lighter hair color as you age will make you look younger……….
Even though I love dark hair colors, I had to surrender to coloring my hair golden blonde…….
Dark hair will show your wrinkles and imperfections much more than lighter hair…….
Well, at least the good part is we will finally be able to find out if blondes have more fun!
Just be careful not to get that “bleached out” look!
It will have the opposite effect!
The best thing to do at first is to add just a few highlights and go from there…

Don’t start dressing like an old lady!

Wear youthful and colorful clothes!

how to look young and pretty after 40

Wear Cute Clothes

Barbie Doll and Fashions Barbie Gift Set

Even though we are getting a little older, we don’t have to start dressing like old ladies!
We can still shop in the young women’s department!
(But not the teenage girl’s one…)
If you can still look hot and sexy in a cute dress why not wear one?
Don’t change who you are just because you are getting older.
Keep your inner little girl alive!
Wear nice and bright colors, that will make you look younger!
(Even though I must advise against the mini-skirts and mini shorts…………. They do not look good on a woman after 40… Trying to look younger after 40 is perfectly fine, but wearing teen clothes will actually have the opposite effect too…)

*Fun Dresses for Summer!

*Cute Loose Fitting Tops for Women!

Wear cute shoes!

How to look young and beautiful after 40!

cute sandals

Cute Shoes

Beautiful Floral Platform Sandals

Keep your feet “young looking” by wearing cute shoes!
You don’t have to start wearing slippers or ugly shoes just because you’re getting older…..
Wear youthful looking, comfortable cute shoes.
Your feet will say thank you!
(And you won’t be able to stop staring down at your pretty and girly shoes! 🙂

*Cute Spring Sandals!
(These will definitely make your feet ‘smile’!)

*Cute Sandals for Summer!
(Wearing fun, cute and colorful sandals definitely help us look prettier!)

Stay active!

How to stay young in your forties and beyond!

look younger after 40

Cute Exercise Outfit for Women

Women’s Exercise Running Tank Top Capris Leggings Green

I know this is easier said than done, but exercising our bodies is essential if we want to look young and pretty in our 40s…..
Unfortunately ‘Mother Nature’ is not so kind to women’s bodies after 40…….
If we don’t exercise, gravity will take over!
(Not to mention menopause…)
You don’t need to kill yourself at the gym either……
Just add a 30 minute walk or light jog three or four times a week to your routine….
(I try to exercise in my pool five times a week for at least 20 minutes at a time.)

*Good Running Shoes for Women!

Stop smoking!!

Put that cigarette down forever!

If you are a smoker and are trying to look young and pretty in your 40’s now is a very good time to quit smoking!

No Smoking Sign for Sale

No Smoking Sign for Sale

No Smoking Sign for Sale

Quit smoking!
Smoking makes you old!
Smoking narrows the small blood vessels in your skin and this greatly reduces healthy blood flow to your skin…
The end result: less collagen, less vitamins and less minerals!
The skin will start getting ugly wrinkles way ahead of time…
When your precious collagen is destroyed, (which is the main structural protein in the skin that keeps it elasticated) instead of looking young and refreshed, you will look 10 to 20 years older than your real age!
Over time, your complexion deteriorates…
Your skin will look dry, old and wrinkled, your mouth will look dark, your lips will thin out, your teeth will decay and when you are forty you will look like you are fifty or even sixty!
I truly believe you don’t want that for yourself do you?

*Bottom line: if you only want to take ONE beauty tip from this page, take this one…
It’s not only about beauty…
It’s also about your health in the long run!

Eat your fruits and veggies!

Eat Healthy to Look Younger!

staying healthy after 40

Staying Healthy after 40

Fun Plastic Toy Vegetables

To keep ourselves looking young and pretty in our 40’s and beyond is an “inside out” process…….
Beauty has to come from within….
(And I am not talking about your soul now…)
By eating healthy foods our skin will look soft and our hair shiny….
Besides we won’t get bloated and we will have much more energy.
Include fruits and veggies in your meals everyday to look young and pretty!

It is amazing how changing a few eating habits works miracles in our bodies!
After I started eating raw broccoli every single day for the past 6 months, my skin, hair and body has improved tremendously!
Now I like eating raw broccoli so much that I actually crave it every day!
(I am actually eating now three servings of raw broccoli every day twice a day!)
I also started adding more fruits to my diet and eating less sugar and no fried foods!
Give it a try ladies!
It can only do good things for you!
(Yes, grandma was right! Eat colors! Eat the whole rainbow if you can! 🙂

Go out in the SUN!

a little sun is good for you

We need the sun!

Gorgeous Sun Face Wall Plaque

Yes, you heard me!
Stay in the sun!
We need the sunlight!
Sunbathing for 10 to 15 minutes a day without sunscreen will actually improve your appearance by giving you a nice and healthy glow…….
Just make sure you do that in the morning, before 10am or in the afternoon after 3pm.
This way you won’t get the bad UV rays…
Sunlight can also improve our mood, give us more energy and it’s the only way we will get our vitamin D, so essential for our bones and immune system!

Listen to music!

Dance your way to a younger looking you!

dancing is good for you

Dance to look younger!

Now That’s What I Call Dance Classics

Listen to some music you like everyday, to help you relax, improve your mood and make you feel good in general! Music has immense powers!
If you are at home, put some dancing music on and dance!
Feel the energy running through your body!
Feel young and pretty!
Sing along!
Imagine yourself looking younger and younger…….
Use your mind power! 🙂

Don’t wear too much make-up!

Less is more!

less makeup is better to look young

Do not use too much makeup on your face!

SHANY Carry All Trunk Train Case with Makeup and Reusable Black & White Aluminum Case

Make-up can be a great way to help us look prettier and younger.
However, too much make-up will have the opposite effect!
Heavy make-up on your face and eyes will actually make you look older!
We don’t want that! The trick here is wearing make-up that will help us look natural, like we are NOT wearing any make-up!
Stay away from heavy liquid foundations and strong lipstick colors!
Wear instead mineral powder make-up on your face and nude or light pink lipstick. Don’t go heavy on your eyes either! Too much eye make-up in older women will show your wrinkles more….

*Should We Wear Makeup to Look Younger?
(What do you think ladies? Makeup or NO makeup?)

Catch those ZZZZZZZZs!

Sleep well to look younger!

sleep well to look younger

Sleep well at night!

Realistic Sleeping Baby Doll, Over The Moooon, 19 inch Vinyl

I know not everyone can always sleep well….
I suffer from insomnia myself….
But if you can sleep well and is not choosing to do so, then you are making yourself look older!
Lack of sleep will make you look much older than you are!
You will have dark circles under your eyes, red eyes, dry skin, brittle hair, and a tired look on your face.
So, if you want to look young and pretty in your 40’s, try to sleep well at night!
(At night, not after 6 am….)


keep your skin moisturized to look younger

Moisturize your skin

Nivea Crème 400 ML (13.53 fl oz) Pack of 2

Put some moisturizing lotion on your face before you go to bed… It helps you wake up with a youthful appearance….
I don’t use anything expensive, I like to use Nivea creme. It smells great and it is very moisturizing….
Yes, I use the original Nivea creme on my face, but just a little bit!

I love Nivea!
I put some on my face every day, specially after I shower!
It smells great and it leaves my sking very soft and smooth!
Best of all: this cream is cheap!


smile everyday to look beautiful

Smile a lot!

Smiley Face | Cute, Positive, Happy Smile Face Ladies’ T-shirt (Ladies, S)

The cheapest and easiest way to look young and pretty in your 40’s and at any age is to smile!!
Smile to your friends, smile to strangers, smile to your family, smile to your pet, smile to the sun, smile to God, smile to the world, smile to life, smile to yourself in the mirror every morning and tell yourself what a pretty little thing you are!!
Wear a smile on your face as often as you can and have fun!!

aging healthy

Awesome book about aging

*I hope I’ve been helpful here today!
I am not a doctor, I am simply a woman over 40 trying to look and feel my best! 🙂
I wish you all a wonderful, long, healthy and happy life!

Healthy Aging: A Lifelong Guide to Your Well-Being