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Good Running Shoes for Women

Top 10 Colorful and Very Pretty Neon Good Running Shoes for Girly Women!

A lot of girly women also like to jog!
And of course they like to wear girly sneakers!
What else?
Lucky for us girlies, nowadays there are hundreds of gorgeous high-quality running shoes for women that are also super pretty, fun and colorful!
Just the way we like it!
Here are my favorite girly sneakers for running!
Have fun!

New Balance Women’s Colorful Running Shoes

Lightweight Girly Sneakers for Jogging!

colorful sneakers for women

Good Running Shoes for Women

New Balance Women’s Alpha Running Shoe

Girly buyers said they LOVE these cute running shoes because they are very lightweight, super FUN and colorful and so comfortable that they seem to be walking on air!
The price is not so bad!
As a girly lady, I always go for the colors and looks PLUS high-quality, of course!

ASICS Women’s Best Running Shoes!

Good Running Shoes for Women

cute running shoes

Cute Running Shoes for Women

ASICS Women’s GEL-Noosa Tri 8 Running Shoe

A good pair of running shoes need to be very comfortable, of course, but also absorb shock as much as possible!
The gel cushioning in these do just that!
They fit great and are very comfortable!
Girly buyers said they are perfect for walking, jogging on the treadmill, light jogging on the streets and work long hours on your feet as well!
(Great fun sneakers for nurses!)

ASICS Ladies Bright Green Running Shoes for Sale

Best Colorful Sneakers for Jogging!

green sneakers for women

Bright Green Running Shoes

ASICS Ladies Gel-Excel33 Running Shoes

I love green and these bright green running shoes are gorgeous!
Besides looking great, they were designed for running, offering not only great protection and support, but also enhancing your foot’s natural motion!
It helps you use your foot’s energy to make you run faster and more efficiently!
Great choice ladies!

Best Trail Running Shoes for Women!

Girly Sneakers for Running in the Mud!

running trail shoes for women

Best Running Trail Shoes for Women

Salomon Women’s Speedcross 3 Trail Running Shoe

If you are a girly lady who also loves to be outdoors running in the mud, pond, rocks, hills and trails, these are for you!
They are water-resistant, breathable and have extra-cushioning to keep your feet nice and comfortable while you take on the elements!
Happy buyers said these are the best trail running shoes ever!
I love this ‘red flame’ color!
Looks like they are on fire!

Another Pair of Gorgeous Trail Running Shoes for Women!

beautiful trail running shoes for women

Gorgeous Trail Running Shoes

Salomon Women’s Speedcross 3 Trail Running Shoe

I couldn’t resist showing you these too!
Fabulous colors!
They are also ultra-light and built for speeding in the mud!
Adventurous buyers said they are crazy comfortable and great for jogging on rocks, bumpy trails and of course, mud!
(I know… I know… the colors are so pretty that you feel bad in wearing them on dirt…)
But after you are done, just give them a nice rinse and get ready for the next race!

Girly Running Shoes!

Cute Neon Pink Sneakers for Women!

girly running shoes

Girly Running Shoes for Sale

ASICS Women’s Gel-Noosa Tri 7 Running Shoe

Hello girly neon pink pretty jogging shoes!
I love you already!
This is one of the best rated colorful running shoes for women being sold!
With almost 150 great reviews by happy buyers!
They all say these are awesome!!
Not only one of the cutest jogging sneakers around, but also perfect for running long distance!
A nurse also said she loves wearing these when she is on her feet 12 hours a day!
What can I say?
As a girly lady, the bright colors sold me!

Cute Running Shoes for Women!

ASICS Women’s GEL-Noosa Tri 8 Fun Running Shoes

cute running shoes

Cute Running Shoes for Women

ASICS Women’s GEL-Noosa Tri 8 Running Shoe

Another awesome pair of very cute and FUN running shoes for women!
I love the color combination!
They are very lightweight and very stable on your feet!
They also have the gel cushioning to absorb shock and keep you steady!
Girly joggers say they are in LOVE with these cute running shoes!
However they advise you to get a half-size larger for more comfort.
(I always do that!)

Cool Purple Running Shoes for Women!

ASICS Women’s GEL-Nimbus Jogging Shoes

purple running shoes

Cool Purple Jogging Shoes for Women

ASICS Women’s GEL-Nimbus 14 L.E Running Shoe

As a purple lover as well, of course I had to show you these amazing purple running shoes!
Buyers said they are extremely comfortable and perfect for racers of all ages!
They are lightweight and offer wonderful support!
Easy on the joints as well!
I like the name Nimbus on these shoes, it makes me think of Harry Potter flying on his broom!

Beautiful Turquoise Running Shoes!

turquoise running shoes

Turquoise Running Shoes

Merrell Women’s Crush Glove Trail Running Shoe

Or are they mint?
I love this vibrant color!
I also have a pair of fun turquoise jogging shoes and I always get great compliments!
I like to stare at my feet sometimes and see fun colors!
These are very comfortable and also perfect for running on the treadmill or just doing aerobics!
And guess what else?
They are available in seven fun colors too, including yellow, pink and purple!
How cool is that?
Pick your favorite color and enjoy the day!

Lime Green and Yellow Colorful Neon Running Shoes for Women!

Skechers Women’s Affordable Jogging Shoes for Sale!

lime green yellow running shoes

FUN Lime Green and Yellow Running Shoes

Skechers Women’s Go 2 Running Shoe

I also LOVE lime green and neon yellow colors!
Mix them up together and you have these!
This is a very affordable pair of good running shoes for women!
Buyers said they are amazingly comfy and light!
One of them even bought three pairs, one in each color!
Yes, they are available in different colors too, including orange, blue and yellow and gray, among others!