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Cute Totes

Cute and Girly Tote Bags!

Beautiful Peacock Leather Tote Bag for Women

Beautiful Peacock Leather Tote Bag for Women

Cute totes are very helpful to girly women!
We can carry lots of girly stuff in one girly place! 🙂

The best girly totes are butterfly totes, flower totes, Hello Kitty totes and pink totes, of course!
The girlier the better!

A cute tote bag also makes a wonderful birthday or Christmas gift idea anytime!
We can never have enough!

This very cute and large peacock and flowers hand-painted leather tote for example, is perfect!
It is enormous inside and great for a fun day (or evening) out anywhere!
It is very stylish!
We can even take our blow dryers and flat-irons if necessary…

Here you will find the cutest totes ever created, including cute butterfly totes, pink totes, flower totes and more!

Have fun girly girls!

My Favorite Collection of Fun, Cute, Colorful and Affordable Tote Bags!

Fun Tote Bags

Fun and Affordable Tote Bags

Fun Tote Bags
by Gabriela Fargasch

These gorgeous, girly and fun totes are my favorite cute totes for girly women! They are all very affordable and have the most amazing and creative prints ever! Check them out and pick one for you!
Have a fun packed girly day out!

Fun Hearts Tote Bag!

My Top Favorite Cute Totes!

Fun Hearts Tote Bag

Fun Hearts Tote Bag

LeSportsac Hearts Tote Handbag

Well girly ladies, needless to say this large black with cute and colorful hearts tote is the ultimate girly tote!
There are plenty of cute hearts all over it and the whole world will see you are an authentic girly woman!
Very eye-catching and fun!
(And if you ever get bored anywhere, just count the hearts!) 🙂

Colorful Hello Kitty Tote!

cute hello kitty tote bag

Hello Kitty Happy Tote

Hello Kitty Tote Bag: Bright Colors

How about this gorgeous and super fun and colorful happy Hello Kitty tote?
I think it is very girly!
Hello Kitty totes make awesome girly gifts to any girly woman in the family!

Beautiful and Classy Michael Kors Tote Bags for Women

classy Michael Kors tote bags

Michael Kors Mk Tote Bag

Michael Kors Mk Jet Set Signature Shoulder Bag, Vanilla , Medium

Beautiful and very classy vanilla color Michael Kors signature tote.
Perfect for a one-day trip somewhere great! (It’s just the right size, not too big, not too small…)

Classy and stylish totes absolutely complement any woman’s look and outfit!
This gorgeous tote goes well with white, beige and brown outfits.

Anuschka Genuine Leather Hand Painted Classic Floral Large Tote

The Most Beautiful Totes!

Anuschka Genuine Leather Hand Painted Classic Large Tote

Anuschka Genuine Leather Hand Painted Classic Large Tote

Anuschka Genuine Leather Hand Painted Classic Large Tote (Luscious Lilies)

This is such a beautiful and unique floral leather tote!
It’s made by Anuschka, and all their creations are very unique.
This is a hand-painted leather cute tote with a rear zippered pocket and cell phone pocket, so you will be able to keep all your stuff organized!
This cute tote makes an awesome gift as well!

ANNA by Anuschka Leather Tote Bird on Branch with Flowers!

ANNA by Anuschka Leather Tote Bird on Branch with Flowers

ANNA by Anuschka Leather Tote Bird on Branch with Flowers

ANNA by Anuschka ANNA by Anuschka Large Shopper – Floral Bird

Another gorgeous Anuschka leather tote bag!
Of course girly women are gonna love it!
We love cute totes and we definitely love cute floral totes!
This awesome floral leather tote is very large and also very elegant!
Will make a wonderful girly gift to any girly girls in your family!

Stunning Mickey Mouse Tote Bag!

Mickey Mouse Tote Bag

Mickey Mouse Tote Bag

Girly women and teenage girls love Mickey Mouse!
This cute and very unique Mickey Mouse face large leather tote will make a very cute gift idea!
It’s also very affordable and perfect to take anywhere with you!

Disney Frozen Elsa Hand Drawn Canvas Tote Bag

Disney Frozen Elsa Hand Drawn Canvas Tote Bag

Disney Frozen Elsa Hand Drawn Canvas Tote Bag

I can’t help myself!
I love Disney totes!
This cute Disney Frozen Elsa canvas tote is so adorable!
Needless to say it will make an awesome girly gift to any girly girl who loves the movie Frozen! 🙂

Very Cute Hello Kitty Face Tote Bag for Teen Girls!

Cute Hello Kitty Tote

Cute Hello Kitty Tote

What an awesome and super cute Hello Kitty wearing sunglasses tote bag!!
It is so girly and so very cute!!
Perfect to fit everything you might need for the day!
(Or for the beach! Of course, Hello Kitty is even wearing her favorite pair of cute sunglasses! 🙂

Cutest Hello Kitty Tote for Sale!

Cutest Hello Kitty Tote

Cutest Hello Kitty Tote

Attention all girly ladies!!
Cute, unique and very affordable Hello Kitty wearing glasses tote!!
You heard me!
I said cute Hello Kitty girly tote!!
Is there anything more girly than a Hello Kitty tote?
I didn’t think so…

Very Beautiful and Unique Striped Crocheted Purple Raffia Tote

eco friendly purple tote

Purple Tote

I am definitely in cute totes heaven right now!!
Tell me fellow girly ladies, is there anything girlier than this awesome, large, bright and cute eco-friendly purple tote?
It is absolutely gorgeous!!
This cute tote was made in Madagascar!
It will make one of the best girly gift ideas ever!!
Trust me!

Cute and Colorful Flower Tote!

Colorful Flower Tote

Colorful Flower Tote

What a cute and super colorful flower tote for you!
You can also get it in several different colors!
It is very large and will definitely fit all of your girly needs!

Stunning Multi-colored Cow Leather Rainbow Tote Handbag

Girly Leather Totes!

Girly Leather Tote

Girly Leather Tote

Girly rainbow lover?
No problem!
How about this gorgeous and very unique multi-colored rainbow leather tote? 🙂
It is fancy enough for you to go out at night!
It is also large enough for you to take all your essentials everywhere you go!
This beautiful rainbow tote bag is so eye-catching that everyone will be asking you where you got it!

Amazing Handpainted Zebras Design Large Leather Tote

Handpainted Zebras Design Large Leather Tote

Handpainted Zebras Design Large Leather Tote

Anuschka Anna by Handpainted Leather Large Tote, Zebra Safari

What a beautiful and extremely unique and exotic large zebras design leather tote!!
It is hand-painted and made from 100% leather.
This cute and exotic tote will make a great gift to any woman in the family!

The Most Unique Leather Totes!

unique leather totes

Music of the Spheres Tote

Icon Women’s Zippy Large Tote w/ 4 Zippers in “Music of the Spheres” by David Delamare Brown 15″W x 11″H x 5″D

This is another very large and very exotic leather tote!
It is a large tote featuring a mermaid playing harp on the moon! How absolutely strange and surreal is that?
Very cool!
Perfect gift idea for a frequent traveler!!