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Cute Suitcases

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I LOVE Cute Suitcases!

cute suitcases for traveling

Cute Suitcases

Why Have Cute Suitcases?

If you are a girly woman, like myself, you know the answer to this question already…
If not, colorful and cute suitcases are very easy to spot at the baggage wheel! 🙂

Your cute and girly suitcase will be the first you (and everybody else) will see!

No more wondering if that boring brown, black or grey luggage is yours or someone else’s…

These cute suitcases are very difficult to lose as well…
Everybody will notice them and as they are so bright colored and unique, chances are they will never get lost! (Unless somebody likes them so much and decides to steal them… I’m kidding…)

Another reason to have cute luggage is that traveling is supposed to be fun!!
There is nothing better than packing a brand-new colorful suitcase!
It’s exciting and it totally adds to your traveling experience!
(Unless it’s a business trip, of course…)

Some of you might not believe in this, but colors bring more happiness to people!
Colors have good energy and if you bring more colors into your world your life will be more fun too!

Cute Polycarbonate Hardside Spinner Three-Piece Luggage Set

*By the way I almost fainted when I saw these!!
Have you ever seen anything more girly, gorgeous, colorful and totally unique??

Anyways, as you can tell, I am all for cute suitcases!!
Here you will find my favorites for girly women all over the world!
Let’s travel!!

Travel Theme Cute Suitcases for Sale

Rockland Luggage 2 Piece Upright Luggage Set

Fun Travel Theme 2 Piece Upright Luggage Set

Fun Travel Theme 2 Piece Upright Luggage Set

Rockland Luggage 2 Piece Upright Luggage Set, Departure, Medium

Look at these unique travel theme 2-piece cute suitcases for sale!
How cool and fun are they???
Perfect suitcases for the girly woman travelling alone.
A happy buyer said they are super pretty and strong!
Have a nice trip!

The Most Beautiful Floral Suitcases for Sale!

Gorgeous 4 Piece Hardside Spinner Set Luggage with Flowers!

Beautiful Floral Suitcases

Beautiful Floral Suitcases

Heys USA Tivoli Floral Burst 4 Piece Set

Girly women love floral stuff!
When we think about cute suitcases we think ‘flowers’!

This floral luggage set is just perfect!
The colors and flower prints are very vibrant!

It also makes a great gift idea to your teenage daughter, for example…
It is also very affordable!
(Specially that you are getting 4 pieces! Including the practical duffel bag too!)
I love cute luggage!

Very Cute Heart Suitcases for Sale!

Girly 2 Piece Upright Heart Print Luggage Set

Cute Heart Print Suitcases

Cute Heart Suitcases

Cute 2 Piece Upright Luggage Set, Heart Print

If you are a girly woman you also love hearts!

These cute heart suitcases will be perfect for you!
They are very romantic too!
Makes a wonderful gift for girlfriends, daughters and teenagers!

Happy buyers say they love how easy it is for them to recognize them at the baggage carousel!
They are also very affordable!
Happy traveling! 🙂

The Most Beautiful Butterfly Suitcases!

Stunning 3-piece Butterfly Luggage Set!

Cutest Butterfly Suitcases

Cutest Butterfly Suitcases

Heys USA Metallic Butterflies Blue 3 Piece Set

What a cute and girly butterfly luggage set!
Perfect for a mom travelling with her two girls or a girly woman!
Girly ladies love butterfly stuff and it’s no different when it comes to their luggage!
We love cute luggage and we love butterfly luggage too!
Makes a great gift idea for teenagers too!

(Did I mention they are also very cheap? 🙂

Cute Love Hearts Suitcases!

Romantic Girly Luggage

Love Suitcases

Love Suitcases

Cute Love Suitcases

This is a gorgeous and extremely affordable love luggage set for girly women!

We also love pink luggage, so this cute luggage set is just perfect!

These pink and full of hearts cute suitcases are also perfect for teenage girls!
(It is actually one of the most bought luggage sets for teens ever!)
They love how easy it is to identify them at the carousel and they also love to see people’s reactions when they see them!
You can see people admiring them from a distance and wishing they also had some like these!

They are also very lightweight to carry, but also very sturdy!
Have fun!

Cutest Disney Suitcase!

Cutest Disney Suitcase

Cutest Disney Suitcase

26″ Mickey / Minnie Rainbow Spinner

Hello Disney, here I come!!

Have you ever seen a cuter and more fun Disney suitcase before?
It is the happiest and cutest ever created!
It will put a smile on everyone’s faces, everywhere you go!!
If it doesn’t spell ‘I LOVE Disney’ nothing else will!
Happy traveling!
(Perfect gift idea for your girly little girl!)

Hot Pink Luggage!

Cute Pink Suitcases!

Cute Pink Suitcases

Cute Pink Suitcases

3 Piece Extra Lightweight Luggage Set Hot PINK

Pink luggage is the girliest and cutest kind of luggage sets for girly women!
We love pink!

This gorgeous hot pink luggage set is amazing!
Super lightweight!
Very easy to spot at the baggage carousel too!
Happy pink traveling!

*Are these for you?
Great choice!

Beautiful Patriotic Suitcases!

Gorgeous luggage with the American flag!

Patriotic Suitcases

Patriotic Suitcases

Patriotic Suitcases

I had to show you these!!
Aren’t they gorgeous?
Can’t think of a more ‘patriotic’ way to travel!!
Excellent price too!
Perfect for a 4th of July trip!

Palm Beach Themed Cute Suitcases

Palm Beach 3 Piece Hardcase Set

Gorgeous Palm Beach 3 Piece Hardcase Set

Olympia Luggage Palm Beach 3 Piece Polycarbonate Hardcase Set, Plum, One Size

Colorful luggage sets are the easiest to spot while waiting for your baggage to show up!
Not only you, but everybody else will see your beautiful and super fun luggage set making its way to you on the baggage wheel!
Can you imagine people’s reactions wen they see your super colorful, fun, unique and very cute tropical suitcases?

Now it’s time for this ultra-cool and ultra-fun Palm Beach themed luggage set!
It is definitely the most fun and unique luggage set I have ever seen!
Perfect for a trip to the Caribbean!

Gorgeous Butterfly Print Suitcase for Sale!

Butterfly Suitcase

Gorgeous Butterfly Print Suitcase

4 Wheel Spinner in Butterfly Print Suitcase

I am speechless right now!
How cool and unique is this white suitcase with a gorgeous blue butterfly print?
It is stunning!

I guarantee you that no one else will have another one at the airport!

*Do you want it?
Just click on the beautiful blue butterfly before she flies away! 🙂

*I hope you enjoyed my selections of cute suitcases on this page!
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