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Cute Retro Style Bathing Suits for Women

My Favorite Cutest Retro Bathing Suits for Sale!

Cute Retro Style Bathing Suits for Women

Cute Retro Style Polka Dotted Bathing Suit

Welcome to the past!
In the present!
Yes, retro is back!
More and more women are wearing retro bathing suits again and I am one of them!
They are very flattering and cute!
Here are my top favorites cute retro style bathing suits for women!

Why wear a vintage style bathing suit?
Besides looking extremely cute, retro bathing suits are usually modest and just perfect to wear anywhere where swimming is involved and not being self-conscious and worried about any parts coming off while you are having fun! 🙂

One-Piece Pin Up Retro Vintage Polka Dot Halter Neck Siamese Boxer Swimsuit Red

For me, I started wearing them since last year because I wanted something that would look very flattering while hiding my less than gracious tummy, if you know what I mean…
These absolutely do the trick!
I prefer wearing a one-piece bathing suit now because it means total freedom of movement and total ‘tummy hiding’ but the two-piece ones are equally gorgeous!
Here is what I found!

Women’s 50’s Style Pin Up Swimsuit

Very Cute Women's 50's Pin Up Swimsuit in Cherry Print

Very Cute Women’s 50’s Pin Up Swimsuit Cherry Print

Women’s 50s Pin Up One Piece Swimsuit (White Cherry)

Ok, I decided to start with this adorable 50’s retro style one-piece bathing suit because I bought 5 of them! 🙂
(They have it in many cute designs and colors too, besides this cute white cherry design!)
What I most LOVE about these is how flattering it is one the body!
As you can see it has a sort of ruched fabric that completely disguises the tummy and offers great support at the same time!
The cute designs and colors also help to hide a bulging stomach, which is my case.
If you have big breasts I suggest you try at least one size up than you normally would just so you get full coverage and support.
I usually wear a size 10 and for me it was perfect, but I am also very short, I am 5’1″.
I bought only one first, of course, and tried it on.
When I saw that it was exactly what I was looking for I immediately ordered four more!
(I have been looking for a cute and flattering one-piece bathing suit for a very long time…)
I hope your experience with this fun retro bathing suit is as good as mine! 🙂

Cute Retro Style Two Piece Bikini Polka Dot Swimsuit RED or BLACK

Cute Retro Style Two Piece Bikini Polka Dot Swimsuit

Cute Retro Style Two Piece Bikini Polka Dot Swimsuit

Women’s 50s Pin Up Retro Two Piece Bikini Polka Dot Swimsuit RED

This is also one of the cutest retro-style two-piece polka dots bathing suit for sale!
You can get it in this fun red color or black!
(Or both!)
It is also ultra-flattering on the body and the only reason I didn’t get one of these for myself is that I really have a HUGE belly and it wasn’t ‘disguising’ it enough as the one-piece…
It also has the halter neck, which I LOVE and the high-waisted bottom which offers full coverage while keeping you still looking ‘cute and girly’!
Like I said before, if you have larger breasts, go with one size up, to be on the safe side.
I think you won’t be disappointed by trying one of these this summer! 🙂

Adorable Floral Polka Dot Vintage Style High Waist Bikini Swimsuit!

Very cheap too!

cute vintage style bikini

Cute Floral Polka Dot Vintage High Waist Bikini

Cocoship Floral Polka Vintage High Waisted Bikini Swimsuits Swimwear(FBA)

If you are on a budget and can’t spend a lot of money on your new retro style bathing suit I think you are going to scream when you see these adorable vintage style high waist bikinis for sale!
(I said ‘these’ because you can choose among SIX fun prints and colors, besides this cute floral polka dot on the picture! 🙂
They are the cheapest I found and it has over 1,000 reviews!
These wouldn’t work for me though just because of my ‘tummy situation’, but they look truly adorable!

Gorgeous Boy-Leg One-Piece Vintage Style Swimsuit

Boy-Leg One-Piece Vintage Style Swimsuit

Boy-Leg One-Piece Vintage Style Swimsuit Black Color

Another favorite of mine is this beautiful boy-leg one-piece vintage style bathing suit for sale!
It also comes in several colors besides this black one!
Perfect to hide and disguise most problem areas including bulging tummy, stretch marks, cellulite and extra-fat!
Love it!!
(The black color is even better for this purpose!)
Another great plus is that we don’t have to worry about last-minute shaving our bikini area with this one! 🙂
The quality is also great and it’s very durable!
Just make sure you always rinse it pretty well after swimming in a pool or the ocean!

Gorgeous Women’s Plus Size PURPLE Retro Dot Swimdress

Women's Plus Size PURPLE Retro Dot Swimdress

Women’s Plus Size PURPLE Retro Dot Swimdress

If you are looking for a gorgeous and super flattering plus size vintage style swimming suit for sale I believe your search is over!
Look at this stunning plus size retro-style purple polka dots swimdress!
It is just perfect for making you feel and look your best while having fun on the beach! 🙂
(I also bought a cute retro-style swimdress for myself and I always wear it when I go to the beach! The great thing about these is that we don’t even have to worry about wearing a sundress! We can just go wearing our swimdress and flip flops!)
This cute plus size swimdress fits all our feminine curves!

Cute Black Floral 50s Swimsuit

Cutest Retro Style Bathing Suits for Women!

Cute Black Floral 50s Swimsuit

Cute Black Floral 50s Swimsuit

The 50’s are back!
In black floral!
What a gorgeous 50’s style black floral one-piece swimming suit for sale!
I want one too! 🙂
Gorgeous print and design!
It is available in all sizes, from extra-small to extra-large!

Very Cute and Affordable Retro Style Polka Dot One Piece Pin Up Bikini Monokinis Swimsuit

Retro Style Polka Dot One Piece Pin Up Bikini Monokinis Swimsuit

Retro Style Polka Dot One Piece Pin Up Bikini Monokinis Swimsuit

Red and White Polka dot Retro Vintage One Piece Swimwear Swimsuit

Look what I found now!
Swimdress meets retro swimsuit!Fun Dresses for Summer!
All in one!
Love it!
Absolutely adorable!
Very feminine and girly! 🙂
Great for a teenager too!
It’s available in 4 colors, including pink, turquoise and navy blue!

*I hope you enjoyed my selections of cute retro style bathing suits from this page and were able to pick a fabulous one for you! 🙂

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