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Cute Loose Fitting Tops

Best (but Cute!) Loose Fitting Tops and Dresses for Women!

Cute Loose Fitting Tops

Cute Loose Fitting Top

Let’s face it: unless we are gorgeous size 0 supermodels and we have a personal trainer and a nutritionist living with us and on call 24/7, at some point in our lives (or after a certain age) we are going to gain a few extra pounds.
And guess where do they usually love to settle in our bodies?
You guessed it right!
In our tummies!
(And thighs…)
Ever since ‘a certain age’, these unwanted and definitely not cute fat cells have decided to take over my stomach area and the fact that I also have uterine fibroids made things get extremely worse, to the point of people confusing me with a pregnant lady when I go out.
Very embarrassing!
Needless to say, finding clothes that fit me properly and disguise my huge belly has been a challenge!
(Specially cute and girly clothes!)

Johnny Was Collection, Tribal Waist Tie Poncho

For the past two years I have been looking for cute loose fitting tops that would totally cover my fat stomach WITHOUT making me look 8 months pregnant!
I found out that the fabric also matters a lot!
Actually it matters the most!
It had to be a very soft fabric, that would not cling to the body at all!
The reason I decided to create this page is to help other women in my situation, desperately wanting to look cute and girly again while wearing something flattering!

I found the cutest and most colorful, ultra-girly loose fitting tops, tunics and dresses for sale online!
I got so happy to finally feel ‘pretty’ and feminine again that I ended up buying over 20 cute loose tops for myself! 🙂
My new wardrobe is finally ‘me’ again!
Here are my findings!

Gorgeous Loose Fitting Floral and Colorful Tunics!

Gorgeous Loose Fitting Floral and Colorful Tunic

Gorgeous Loose Fitting Floral and Colorful Tunic

Johnny Was Women’s Brightwood Floral Print Neck Tie Top, Multi Color

Rayon is our new best friend ladies!
This beautiful 100% rayon colorful floral and and ultra-colorful tunic is perfect to help hide all our stomach and thighs while still making us feel fashion and pretty! 🙂
Flower prints or any other colorful design is a must!
Try to avoid plain colors, specially ‘boring looking’ colors such as beige, light gray and the such because instead of disguising your problem areas it will make them worse.
When we have extra-fat in our bellies and thighs we need to take the attention AWAY from them and having bold colors and prints is the way to go!

*Yes, I know it is expensive but these will last for a lifetime!
Totally worth it!

Women’s Colorful Tribal Print Poncho Style Loose Fitting Tops!

Colorful Tribal Print Poncho Style Loose Fitting Top

Colorful Tribal Print Poncho Style Loose Fitting Top

Johnny Was Women’s Tribal Poncho, Pink Berry

Look at this gorgeous ultra-colorful and fun ‘poncho style’ loose fitting top in a cool tribal design!
It is perfect to disguise every ounce of unwanted extra-fat in our tummies!
Very flattering!
You can’t go wrong with one of these!
Just wear it with a nice pair of leggings in any color you want and cute flats or if you are short like me, a cute pair of platform sandals! 🙂
(Available in 3 colors!)

Very Beautiful Loose Fitting Silk Blouse!

Beautiful Loose Fitting Silk Blouse

Beautiful Loose Fitting Silk Blouse

Johnny Was Women’s Asian Geo Silk Scarf Print Tunic Top, Multi, Large

Very beautiful ‘casual meets fashion’ ultra-cool looking loose fit colorful silk blouse!
The more colorful and full of fun prints and designs the better! 🙂
(This is perfect for me because I also have thin arms but a huge stomach and that’s why people think I am pregnant but when I wear these cute and colorful asymmetric style loose tops, tunics and blouses I look ‘normal again… Lol)
No, I am not kidding…
This is my sad situation….

Women’s Lacy V-Neck Embroidered Gorgeous Tunic Top

Best Loose Fitting Tops for Women!

Gorgeous Tunic Top

Gorgeous Tunic Top

Johnny Was Women’s Lacy V-Neck Embroidered Tunic Top, Marsala

Rayon is an excellent fabric to help hide extra-fat in our bodies!
(I also have bought several rayon tunics and dresses for myself!)
They are not only extremely comfortable to wear but also very flattering!
I also love to wear long tops because I have a very high waist and I am very short… so when I wear long loose fitting tops and blouses I look taller, believe it or not!
(Of course wearing platform sandals also helps a lot… 🙂
The one in this picture is stunning!
The gorgeous ‘marsala wine’ color is perfect!

Stunning Velvet Floral Tunic!

Stunning Velvet Floral Tunic

Stunning Velvet Floral Tunic

Johnny Was Collection Velvet Floral Tunic

How stunning is this printed silk velvet floral tunic?
Great loose fit top to go out at night!
Will look amazing with a nice pair of jeans or black slacks!
(Don’t forget to wear some cute sandals too! 🙂

Cute, Fun, Colorful and Girly CHEAP Loose Fitting Tops for Sale!

cute loose fitting floral tops

Cute Loose Floral Cotton Blend Top

Bibigirl Women’s Cape Sleeve Shift Dress Loose Floral Cotton Blends Tee Tops

Now if you are basically broke but also in desperate need of renewing your wardrobe and filling it up with cute loose fitting tops, I think you are going to LOVE these!
I personally bought several for myself too and they are adorable!
They are also very long so if you are really short you can wear them as a dress.
I like to wear mine with black leggings.
You can find them in many, many fun colors and prints!
This girly floral one is one of my favorites!
They are very flattering on the body and they hide everything you don’t want other people to see! 🙂
(I am a size 10, and it is still loose on my body.)
If you are a plus size, this might not be for you, unless you don’t mind having the fabric cling to your body a little…)

*Be ready to wait for these at least three weeks though…

Very Cute Loose Tunic Dresses!

cute loose fitting dresses

Ninimour Women Vintage Floral Batwing Sleeve Tunic Dress Beach Wear

Cute Vintage Floral Batwing Sleeve Tunic Dress Beach Wear (One size, Blue)

Ladies you won’t believe how SOFT this cute loose fitting tunic dress is!!
The material is called ‘ice milk’ and I think it describes it perfectly!
It is a ‘one size fits all’ and at first I was very afraid to get it and not even go through my neck but since it’s so cheap I said ‘why not’? and gave it a try…
It fits amazingly well!
It’s totally loose on the body and it’s fun!
I wear it to go to the beach, to stay home, to go to the supermarket, basically everywhere!
I loved it so much that I also bought many! 🙂
(In other colors and designs of course…)
(When I really like something on my body I always buy lots of them, just in case they stop making… Lol)

Cute Black Cat Plus Size Loose Collar Dresses

Cute Black Cat Plus Size Loose Collar Dresses

Cute Black Cat Plus Size Loose Collar Dresses

Ninimour Women Black Cat Plus Size Loose Collar Dress (One size, Red)

Yes, I also bought one of these…
Isn’t it cute??
It is made of the same material called ‘ice milk’ and it is heavenly soft and loose on the body!
Just the way I like it! 🙂
(I also love the fact that I can wear these without a bra, since I HATE wearing bras!)
Yup, total freedom!

*I hope you enjoyed my selections of cute loose fitting tops, tunics and dresses on this page and were able to find the perfect one for your body! 🙂
Keep checking back as I will be adding more later on…
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