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Cute Clogs

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Cute and Girly Clogs for Women who have to work on their feet!

cute clogs

Cute Clogs for Women

Are you a nurse, dentist or a doctor?
Do you have to spend 12 hours or more on your feet at work?
Or maybe you are really looking for a comfy, cute and girly pair of shoes?
Then why not wear cute clogs?

I used to wear many clogs back in the 70’s and 80’s! But they didn’t have many color or design options and they were mostly made from wood.
Nowadays they are cute, colorful, fun and girly!

Sanita Women’s Prof Bloom Mule, Multi/Dots

*(Just like the cute and very colorful clogs on see on this picture!)

They are also way more comfortable to wear with rubber soles and also cork!
Clogs are the most worn shoes by nurses!
I also love the fact that they are raised, so they will make you a little taller without heels!

I decided to create this page showing you my top favorite cute and girly clogs for women in all fun colors and awesome designs!
Here they are!

Cutest Ladybugs Clogs for Women!

Beautiful Swedish Clogs: Classic Clog in Ladybug Pattern

Cute Ladybugs Clogs for Women

Cutest Ladybugs Clogs for Women

Lotta From Stockholm Swedish Clogs : Classic Clog in Ladybug Pattern

Hello girly ladybugs lovers!
This is one of my favorites!
It’s a girly pair of adorable ladybugs clogs!
I love the white background, as it makes the cute ladybugs stand out!
Perfect clogs for a nurse to wear!
They are super comfortable and of course, FUN!

Fun Clogs for Nurses!

DANSKO Professional Rainbow Striped Patent

Professional Rainbow Striped Clogs for Women

Professional Rainbow Striped Clogs for Women

DANSKO Professional Rainbow Striped Patent Clogs

Another fun and very colorful pair of clogs for nurses!
They are rainbow striped!!
(I am not a nurse but I would definitely wear these to go out too!)
These are very pretty, stylish and sturdy!
Clogs are also helpful if you have knee or back pain from having to walk and stand all day (or night) long!

Pink Zebra Clogs!

Cute Sanita Clogs for Women!

pink zebra clogs

Cool Pink Zebra Clogs

Pink Zebra Clogs Check these out ladies! Cute, fun and girly pink zebra clogs! How cool and charming are they? They even come with the pink ribbon symbol of breast cancer awareness! All the girly ladies and nurses love them!

Girly Pink Clogs!

Pink Clogs for Women

Pink Clogs

Sanita Professional Signature Womens Clogs PINK

Of course I also love cute and girly solid pink clogs! (Actually it’s a ultra hot pink color! Even better!) Now you can stare at your feet and smile! You are wearing pink shoes! 🙂

Adorable Red and White Polka Dots Clogs for Women!

Fun Polka Dots Clogs for Women

Fun Red and White Polka Dots Clogs for Women

Sanita ‘Fenja’ Spotty Red Flexible Clogs

Do you love polka-dotted stuff?
Then these cute and fun red and white polka dots clogs are perfect!
(You can also get them in black and white.)
Whenever you get bored at work just start counting all the dots! 🙂

Professional Colorful Clogs for Women!

Colorful Clogs for Women

Colorful Clogs for Women

Sanita Women’s Professional Clogs

If you are looking for the best clogs with the brightest colors, I believe you are going to love these!
Can’t get any more colorful than this!
Everyone will go ‘Wow! when they see your clogs!

How about some Animal Print Girly Clogs?

animal print womens clogs

Fun Animal Print Clogs

Animal Print Girly Clogs We can’t talk about cute and girly clogs without including a fun pair of animal print clogs in the mix! What a cute pair of leopard clogs for women! How about that ladies? I bet by now all the other ladies at work always look at your feet first when they see you, just to see what cute clogs you are wearing today! Am I right?

Beautiful and FUN Neon Hearts Print and Zebra Clogs!

My Favorite Creative Girly Clogs for Women!

FUN Neon Hearts Print and Zebra Clogs

FUN Neon Hearts Print and Zebra Clogs

Sanita Women’s Flirt Casual Fun Hearts Clogs

What a gorgeous and very creative (not to mention FUN!) pair of colorful neon hearts and zebra clogs for women!

They also have awesome arch support and they are extremely comfortable!

Will go beautifully with your blue or pink scrubs! I bet everyone will stop to admire your cute clogs at work!

Fun Kiss Print Clogs for Women!

Fun Kiss Print Clogs for Women

Fun Kiss Print Clogs for Women

Sanita Women’s Kiss Mule,Multi

One more pair of fun and colorful cute clogs for women!

It’s a girly pair of ‘kiss print’ clogs!

Colors make me happy! They always put a smile on my face! That’s why I think colorful ‘happy’ clogs are the best shoes for a nurse! Besides being very comfortable they make people smile!

Cute Clogs!

Colorful Leopard Print!

Colorful Leopard Print Clogs

Colorful Leopard Print Clogs

Sanita Women’s Roxy Casual Clogs Colorful Leopard Print

Another favorite of mine is this fun colorful leopard print casual clogs for women! They offer amazing support for the feet while you run all over the place at work or at home! Comfy and lightweight to wear and definitely put extra-smiles in everyone’s faces including yours because they are so cute that you won’t be able to stop staring at your feet! (Careful not to bump into any walls!) 🙂

HAPPY Flower Clogs!

The Most Colorful Clogs for Women!

yellow flower clogs

Bright Yellow Flower Clogs

Happy Flower Clogs

And finally I found the happiest clogs on Earth! Bright yellow flower clogs to wear anywhere and everywhere! They are also available in many other fun colors, including blue flower and other cute and happy designs!

*I hope you were able to find the perfect pair of cute clogs for you here today! 🙂
Here are more cute, fun and ‘happy’ shoes to wear this summer!

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