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About Girly Women

A Girly Website!

I am a proud girly woman! 🙂

Girly Women

Girly Women

Girly women are extremely feminine!

We love to look pretty at all times and wear cute accessories, like cute sunglasses, cute shoes, pretty and sparkly hair pins, colorful scarves and we love to carry out cute purses and cute wallets too! 🙂

When we travel we always carry a cute suitcase!

You know you are also a girly woman if you love to look pretty, instead of sexy…

It is very easy to buy a girly gift for a girly woman!
We love everything that is pretty. sparkly and very colorful!
We live in a pretty world, where everything is cute and usually pink or any other bright and fun color! 🙂

*Just like this cute and very PINK floral pattern dress! 🙂

I am very excited about this website because I have always wanted to find a place where I could buy all girly products!
I never liked boring colors…
This is our place!

I love to step away from ‘neutral’ and ‘safe’ colors, like brown, beige and black and I definitely don’t like to look and dress like ‘everybody else’…
I love to look different!

Here you will find the best girly gifts around and they are all in one place!

*All girly clothes, shoes and accessories displayed on this website were selected based on research done online and my personal opinion.

Girly Women LOVE Girly Wallets!

Girly Wallet

Girly Wallet

This cute girly wallet is absolutely adorable!
It spells girly women and girly girls! 🙂
It is very unique and will make an awesome girly gift!!
(We love heart stuff…)
If it’s pink and if it has cute hearts, flowers or butterflies, it is the right girly gift!

Of course we like Hot PINK Handbags!

PINK Handbag

PINK Handbag

Pink purses and handbags are the most popular among us girly women, of course! 🙂
We love pink stuff and a pink purse or pink tote bag is always welcome!

(It doesn’t matter how many cute purses we already have, there is always room for one more!)
This gorgeous Betsey Johnson hot pink handbag is super girly, fun and spacious!

*To get one for you just click the picture…

PINK Sunglasses!

PINK Sunglasses

PINK Sunglasses

Of course we girly women love to wear pink sunglasses! 🙂

A pair of cute sunglasses is a must-have in any girly woman’s accessories list!

This gorgeous pair of Kate Spade cat eye pink sunglasses is very girly and very stylish!
(It’s also very affordable!)

We Love Girly Suitcases!

Girly Suitcases

Girly Suitcases

What can be more girly than a fun and colorful pink luggage set with love hearts on them?

This girly hearts luggage set spell girly women from a distance! It’s absolutely gorgeous!!

Be a proud girly woman and travel with a fun and girly luggage set!
(You will get all three of them!)
They also make great girly gift ideas for teenage girls.

Girly Girls like Girly Backpacks!

Girly Backpack

Girly Backpack

Girly women absolutely love flowers and flower stuff!
We also love to carry cool and cute backpacks to school! 🙂

This cute and ultra-colorful FUN floral backpack is very girly and will make an awesome girly gift!

We Love our Cute Tote Bags!

Cute Tote Bag

Cute Tote Bag

This cute PINK tote bag spells girly women from a distance!!
It is one of the girliest tote I have ever seen!! 🙂

(You can never go wrong by buying a girly lady a pink tote bag… even if she already has one! We don’t care! The more the merrier!)

A Pink Heart Shaped Watch!

Cute Heart Shaped Watch

Pink Heart Shaped Watch

Needless to say girly women absolutely love to wear cute watches!
They make beautiful girly gifts anytime! 🙂

This gorgeous and very girly pink heart shaped watch is absolutely perfect for a girly woman or girly girl!!
I love it!

Heart Jewelry

Heart  Necklace

Heart Pendant Necklace

Of course we also love girly heart jewelry, just like this beautiful and very romantic gold heart necklace!
I love the fun and playful perfect heart shape…
It will make a beautiful and meaningful gift idea to your girly wife, girly girlfriend or girly daughter!

It’s all about being HAPPY!

Cute Floral Dress

Cute Floral Dress

*These are just a few examples of things we love!
Stick around and browse through the pages here and I am sure you will find what you’re looking for…

I am always adding more stuff as I come across them! 🙂

Bottom line:
If it’s cute, fun, colorful, pretty, sparkly and unique, we like it!

Girly ladies usually don’t care so much for ‘regular’ and average stuff…
We like to be unique and express ourselves!
We are not afraid to let our personalities shine through!
(I have friends telling me all the time that I have such a unique personality!)
I love that!
We are happy ladies who love ‘happy’ things! 🙂
Have a great day!